Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do a consultation before the treatment? Yes, I always do an initial consultation at the first treatment session. This can take 10 to 15 minutes to perform. This ensures that the treatment you receive is suitable for you and your health condition.

Do you do oil unclothed as well as clothed massage? Yes I practice both types of massage. Good quality bodywork can effectively be practiced through clothing. Some people consider massage being skin contact with oils, but in many parts of the world, ie China, Japan and Thailand, clothed massage is traditional normal. It’s up to you if you wish a oil unclothed or clothed massage.

You do different therapies, how do I know which is the right one for me? If you are not sure about which therapy you need, best initially to have a Thai Massage as it is good treatment and assessment technique. Afterwards we can discuss your future needs, either carrying on with Thai or change to another therapy.

Since you mention healing, can you cure? Healing isn’t necessary about “cure” and is more about “care”. I cannot cure, but try to help to stimulate self-healing within the client. I do not have magical powers or clairvoyant abilities! One of the most important aspects of Complementary & Alternative Medicine is that the client takes a greater active role in their healthcare.

I have a medical condition, is it safe for me to have massage? All depends on your condition. Before any treatment a consultation is taken, and your situation is evaluated. Certain movements and techniques will not be practised if considered to be dangerous and a potential contraindication.

I am pregnant, can I still receive massage? Unless you have a serious medical condition, massage for pregnancy is safe. After all pregnancy is a natural event not a medical problem! 1 hour Thai Massage on a futon mat or couch is an ideal treatment.

Can massage help my sports performance?  Many athletes and performers find massage to be beneficial, and is becoming increasingly popular form of treatment. Massage helps to improve the proper lengthening and contraction of the muscles and fibres.

How many treatments do you recommend? That depends on how many you need. Several weekly treatments at the beginning, then breaking off to once a month is very popular with clients. Oriental Therapies is for well-being and health maintenance, as well as treating specific aliments.

Do you offer discounted pricing if several treatments are booked advance? Sorry I don’t do deals nor concessions. The price is the price. Even for Cornwall my prices are very reasonable considering my level of experience and extensive learning. Also I wish to be transparent about pricing, keeping to a simple pricing formula.