Macrobiotics, the Greek term meaning “Big Life”, is a holistic life philosophy developed in the 20th century by Japanese pioneers, George Ohsawa and Michio Kushi. Macrobiotics mainly focuses on wholefood diet and nutrition, but also takes into account personal & spiritual development, based on traditional Oriental medicine and philosophy principles.

Macrobiotic Health Coaching takes a comprehensive consultation, looking at the client’s constitution and health condition, diet, exercise, emotional and life history. Using assessment process based on Oriental diagnosis, a Macrobiotic Health Coach provides a detailed health & lifestyle plan, which may include: dietary advice, meal planning, wholefood cooking tuition, exercise routines, massage and bodywork treatments, and emotional work.

Macrobiotic Health Coaching is not a substitute for medical care but is a form of guidance and education to help enable the client to fine tune and optimize their health and wellbeing.

Initial Consultation: £50 for 1½ hour including a detailed plan and booklet

Follow up session: £38 for 1 hour