• Applied stress management
  • Asthma
  • Arthritis and joint mobility
  • Blood circulation
  • Digestion and bowel issues
  • Gait & proprioception
  • General fatigue & tiredness
  • Headaches & migraines
  • Hormonal imbalances and PMS
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Stiff hips
  • Sports performance
  • Injury Rehabilitation
  • Wellbeing and health maintenance
  • Neck, shoulder and back problems
  • Sciatica
  • Pregnancy Support

THAI  YOGA MASSAGE is a form of  bodywork developed in Thailand, and has been influenced by Indian (Ayurvedic) & Chinese medicine traditions. Thai Yoga Massage is generally practised with the client fully clothed, but herbal balms and compresses may be used to enhance the treatment.

With TYM, the body is massaged, manipulated and stretched with applied Yoga postures, increasing range of movement and improving body alignment. Working with the breath is an important aspect of TYM, helping to improve breathing rhythms and inducing relaxation. The movements of the practitioner and client is a form of moving meditation, with clients often remarking that they feel both energised and relaxed after a treatment session.

TYM is suitable for the massage needs of many people. Sports people and performance artists benefit from the deep pressures and stretches that are used. Clients that feel unfit and wish to go back to an exercise routine may find that TYM helps to prepare the body by opening the joints, and the gradual release of tight muscles and connective fascia tissue. 1 hour session is £38 or 1.5 hour session cost is £50

AYURVEDIC YOGA MASSAGE is a combination of deep tissue techniques and applied yoga stretches. Ayurvedic Yoga Massage is a modern Indian treatment system developed by Kusum Modak from her lifetime of studying Yoga and Ayurveda.

AYM is very similar to Thai Yoga Massage, but oils are used with the client unclothed and modestly draped. AYM is very helpful to break down tight adhesions (“knots”) in the muscles and connective tissue of the body, reducing pain and tension. AYM emphasises breath work, and with the combination of stretches and muscle release, allows to better free flow of energy & vitality in the body. 1 hour session is £38 or 1.5 hour session cost is £50

INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE is a traditional form of treatment practised for generations by Indian barbers and families. IHM consists of head, neck, shoulder, upper back, arm and hand massage. It is practised with the client fully clothed seated on a chair. Optionally, oils can be used on the face, hair, scalp, neck and shoulders, with a towel wrapped around the client.

IHM is an excellent form of applied stress management, helping to reduce tension in the head and upper body that is often developed by long hours at the computer. IHM is a 30 minute treatment or can be extended to a full 1 hour session by with additional foot or back massage. Also IHM blends in nicely at the end of an Ayurvedic or Thai Yoga Massage treatment. 30 minute session is £25, and a extended 1 hour session is £38.  

CHI-NEI-TSANG ABDOMINAL THERAPY (Visceral Manipulation) uses Chinese/Thai massage and energy work techniques, which works with mind-body issues and emotions associated with the internal organs and the acupuncture meridians. Chi-Nei-Tsang starts with massaging the abdomen and slowly working out over the whole body. The benefits with these therapies are relaxation, bowel and digestion issues, energetic rebalancing, physical and emotional detoxification. Recommended to have at least 3 sessions typically over 3 weeks to get the best from this treatment.1 hour session cost is £38

REFLEXOLOGY & THAI FOOT MASSAGE combines the best of Western and Eastern techniques. Western reflexology stimulating points of the feet, which is thought be related the inner organs of the body, to promote health and wellbeing. Thai foot massage works on the feet, ankles and lower legs to stimulate and promote circulation and lymphatic drainage, and can help with lower limb injuries. 1 hour session cost is £38

TOK SEN THERAPY is a Northern Thai technique that can be added into the treatment to increase the therapeutic benefits of Ayurvedic & Thai Yoga Massage. Tok Sen Therapy is a vibrational technique with a wooden mallet and chisel that gently and slowly helps to break down tense knotted tissue, and allows a better flow of energy through the meridian channels. Price: free when booked with an Ayurvedic & Thai Yoga Massage treatment.

REIKI is a Japanese system of hands-on healing, helping to balance the body, mind and spirit. Reiki is a gentle treatment, helping self-healing processes in the body and calming the mind. Reiki treatments is often described by clients as deeply relaxing and rejuvenating.  1 hour session cost is £35

THAI PREGNANCY MASSAGE uses a gentle style of massage & bodywork helping to promote relaxation and to reduce discomfort related to pregnancy, i.e. tension in the shoulders, back, hips and feet. Contrary to popular belief, massage can be used in all stages pregnancy, and that includes the 1st trimester. Pregnancy is a natural event not a medical problem. Go on mums, give yourself a treat! Pregnancy Massage Vid 1 Pregnancy Massage Vid 2 1 hour session cost is £38

THAI HERBAL COMPRESSES are steamed bag of therapeutic herbs, which help to stimulate digestion, smooth muscular aches and pains, calm the mind, reduces headaches, and dissipate congestion in the tissues. It has many of the benefits of aromatherapy and hot stones, and used in conjunction with massage therapies. The compresses can be homemade by Dave or commerically made from Thailand. Herbs often used are: camphor, peppermint, ginger/phai, turmeric, lemongrass and kefir limes. Price: Free when booked with an Ayurvedic & Thai Massage or Chi Nei Tsang treatment!



Disclaimer: Due to the Advertising Standards Authority strict stance on the claims made by therapists that has not been thoroughly tested by scientific peer-reviewed double-blinded random controlled trials, many of the therapeutic claims made on this website is anecdotal.