Are You Feeling Under Par & Interested In Developing Your Health & Wellbeing?

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Many of us are feeling run down, having constant stressors, general aches and pains, and bombarded with constant and seemingly contradictory messages about health and lifestyle. Sometimes we need professional guidance to reach our potential. One such guidance is Macrobiotics, a system of natural healing and personal development pioneered by George Ohsawa and Micho Kushi during the 20th century, which has similar methodologies to Naturopathy and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Macrobiotics consists of dietary changes, lifestyle and exercise advice, bodywork and healing based on a comprehensive consultation and Oriental diagnosis methods such as face and tongue reading, palpitation of the abdomen and meridian energy lines of the body. This allows for a deeper investigation into the cause of dis-ease rather than dealing with the effects. It is truly holistic approach to enhancing health and vitality.

Dave Sowden provides Macrobiotic health consultations at the Blue Lotus Therapy Centre. Dave has been practising at the centre since it opened in 2006 and for many years has provided Massage, Remedial & Healing Therapies. As a recent graduate of the 3½ year professional programme of the International Macrobiotic School (based near Totnes, Devon) Dave is doing an introductory offer of £20 discount on the initial consultation, which is 1.5 hours long and normally £70 reduced to £50. There is also £10 discount off follow up sessions, normally £40 reduced to £30.

This offer is available to 30th June 2022 and subject to availability.

For more information and booking, contact Dave Sowden on 07791 042260, email or via his website

Originally published in the Blue Lotus Therapy Centre Spring 2022 Newsletter

Picture taken from Macrobiotics: The Japanese Concept That Brings Balance In Your Diet – Savvy Tokyo

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