Links to sites that may be of interest to you.


Looking for hypnotherapy and can travel to Plymouth or Exeter? I recommend Pete Luce who is a professional practitioner with broad range of healthcare experience over many years:

In london and need a massage? I highly recommend Jag Reeves, a skilled bodywork therapist:

Video of Indian Head Massage done Indian style by Baba. Over 5 million hits on YouTube!

Natural healthcare resources and forums can be found on:

Lots of things get said about Reiki. Here’s a recent article from Reiki.Org about the history of Reiki.

What is Chi-Nei-Tsang?



In Falmouth and fancy a healthy snack? You can’t do better than a Fal Falafel:

Redruth has one of the most quirky and fun cafe’s I’ve ever been in. Good food and good atmosphere for the inner artisan:

A little snapshot of Dave’s hobbies:

Interested in CB & Amateur Radio? Check out the Charlie Tango forum: 

CB & Amateur Radio supplier based in Redruth:

Thai-based conservation organisation protecting and supporting the needs of Asian elephants: