Macrobiotics, the Greek term meaning “Big Life”, is a holistic life philosophy developed in the 20th century by Japanese pioneers, George Ohsawa and Michio Kushi. Macrobiotics mainly focuses on wholefood diet and nutrition, but also takes into account personal & spiritual development, based on traditional Oriental medicine and philosophy principles.

In a Macrobiotic session, a comprehensive consultation taken looking at the client’s constitution and health condition, diet, exercise, emotional and life history. Using assessment process based on Oriental diagnosis, a Macrobiotic Health Practitioner provides a detailed health & lifestyle plan, which may include: dietary advice, meal planning, wholefood cooking tuition, Qi Gong exercise tuition, massage and bodywork treatments, and emotional work.

Macrobiotic Health Consultations is not a substitute for medical care but is a form of guidance and education to help enable the client to fine tune and optimize their health and wellbeing.

Consultations can be held at the Blue Lotus Therapy Centre or online on Zoom.

Initial Consultation: £60 for 1½ hours including a personalised plan and booklet

Follow up session: £20 for 30 minutes; £30 for 45 minutes or £40 for 1 hour

Dave also does short courses on Macrobiotic health and cookery. Each workshop is self-contained but together is a considerable body of knowledge. It’s recommended to start with the Yin-Yang of Health, Food & Vitality but not essential. For booking contact Dave on 07791 042260 or email by Clicking Here. Please note that monies received in advanced bookings are non-returnable, but if Dave has to unlikely cancel any workshops and courses, all monies will be returned.

These workshops can run on alternative dates for a group. Get together with a group of friends, family and work colleagues and Dave can run a private class for you.



1-day workshop exploring health, food & vitality based on Macrobiotics and Oriental philosophy of Yin-Yang, the complementary and opposing forces of the universe. There will be underlining theory, practical exercises and a cooking demo, to help you develop healthy habits and boost vitality. Wholesome Macrobiotic vegan lunch is provided.

TBC – 10am to 4pm at the Blue Lotus Therapy Centre

Cost is £TBC and includes lunch and refreshments. Non-returnable deposit of £20 in needed to secure a place. Balance can be paid on the day. 4 out of 8 places have already been taken.



This is a half-day course on the use of plant-based proteins from a scientific and macrobiotic points of view. Learn about cooking with tofu, tempeh, seitan, beans, quinoa and other plant-based protein sources. Ideal for vegetarians and vegans, those transitioning to vegetarianism or veganism, people interested in healthy living, and catering for others.

There will be also be a cooking demo and taster session to try out different plant-based recipes.

10am to 12noon – Date to be confirmed

Cost is £20, payable in advance.



This is a half-day workshop about the different types of seaweed (sea vegetables), their health benefits, and how to cook with them. We will covering soups, stews, salads, condiments and sushi recipes. There will be also be a cooking demo and taster session to try out different recipes, most of which will be vegan and gluten-free!

10am to 12noon – Date to be confirmed

Cost is £20, payable in advance.



This is a half-day workshop how to make wholesome, tasty and healthy snacks as an alternative to commercially available snacks i.e. crisps and biscuits. Ideal for keeping in the fridge for nibbles and taking to work in a lunch box. All the recipes are vegan, free from refined sugar and some snacks will also be gluten-free!

Date to be confirmed

Cost is £20, payable in advance.