Bodywork Therapy


  • Applied stress management
  • Asthma & breathing
  • Arthritis and joint mobility
  • Blood circulation
  • Digestion, bowel and abdominal issues
  • Gait & proprioception
  • General fatigue & tiredness
  • Headaches & migraines
  • Hormonal imbalances and PMS
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Stiff hips
  • Sports performance
  • Injury Rehabilitation
  • Wellbeing and health maintenance
  • Neck, shoulder and back problems
  • Sciatica
  • Pregnancy Support for all trimesters
  • TMJ (temporal mandibular joint) jaw dysfunction


SHIATSU & REIKI BODYWORK (pronounced SHE-AT-SUE & RAY-KEY) are forms of massage and energy healing developed in Japan, and has been influenced by Chinese Medicine and Philosophy. Shiatsu and Reiki is generally practiced with the client fully clothed. Shiatsu uses palm, thumb, elbow and forearm pressure on the muscles and along the Chinese meridian system and acupressure points that relate to the internal organs of the body. Reiki is a gentle modality of hands-on or hands-off energy healing influencing the aura. Dave prefers to work with both techniques together to help enhance the flow of Ki (life-force) within the client’s body.

Working with the breath is an important aspect of Shiatsu & Reiki, helping to improve breathing rhythms, inducing relaxation and releasing emotions. Touch, gentle shaking and stretching, and joint mobilisations are used for both physical and energetic alignment. Working with the acupressure points with thumbs, elbows and Reiki palm healing increases the treatments effectiveness in the same way acupuncture does but without the use of needles!

1 hour session is £50


TUINA MASSAGE (pronounced TWEE-NAH) is a traditional Chinese Bodywork system and is the oldest known form of massage dating back as far as 2700 BCE. Like Shiatsu, it is based on the meridian system and acupressure points to stimulate the flow of life-force, and also uses joint mobilisations and gentle shaking.

Tuina uses more hand movements than Shiatsu to promote healing in the muscles and connective tissue. Tuina focuses on more remedial techniques than most forms of massage and is more solution-focused in it’s approach to common ailments and injuries. While Shiatsu is usually practised on a futon mat, Tuina is practised on a massage couch or seated on a chair.

1 hour session is £50


REFLEXOLOGY is a micro systems therapeutic technique mainly based on the feet (but also hands, face and ears) and represents and influences the rest of the body. Similar to Shiatsu & Tuina, Reflexology uses pressure points related to organ systems to influence health and wellbeing. Deeply relaxing, Reflexology has a holistic approach in balancing and supporting the immune system, emotional wellbeing, and the self-healing mechanisms of the body. 

1 hour session is £50


ABDOMINAL MASSAGE is inspired by the Chinese-Thai bodywork system known as Chi Nei Tsang, which focuses on “detoxifying” the internal organs and dissolve stuck emotions held in the tissues of the body that is often the cause of digestion and bowel problems. The abdominal area is full of nerve cells and is often described as the “Second” or “Abdominal Brain”.

Working specifically with the abdomen helps to calm the nervous system, release emotional tension, stimulate peristalsis to move your poo, improve digestion, shift stagnate blood and lymph, psoas (hip flexor) muscle balance for lower back and pelvic alignment. Coconut oil is used in this form of massage and enhanced by healing balms and herbal compresses.

1 hour session is £50 


Disclaimer: Due to the Advertising Standards Authority strict stance on the claims made by therapists that has not been thoroughly tested by scientific peer-reviewed double-blinded random controlled trials, many of the therapeutic claims made on this website is anecdotal.