The Dalai Lama’s Visit to Glastonbury 2015

This is a summary of the Dalai Lama’s talk in the Green Fields at Glastonbury 2015. It is no way a definitive reproduction of what the DL talked about. There may be errors and personal biases within the following. If you was there and disagree with this summary, please contact me.


Spontaneous singing of “Happy Birthday to You….” from the attendees in celebration of the Dalai Lama’s 80th birthday this year.

He wanted everyone to sit down, but it was explained to him (as it was raining at the time) that the wet muddy ground at Glasto was a tradition. So the DL out of kindness decided to stand up with the crowd.

He commented that Glasto was a festival for the people, not the governments and politicians (with a big cheer from the audience)!

Talk entitled: Strength Through Compassion

The horrors of the wars presently been raging in the world. But we have to be realistic about this current situation. That militarisation isn’t going to stop in his lifetime. We need the younger 21st century generation (as he described them) to work hard (mindfully) to create a demilitarised world, and the money saved from demilitarisation could be used to alleviate poverty and suffering.

He considered that this was possible by education. In his opinion, and the opinion of many scientists and educationists, shows that education is too much focused on material/external values. He emphasised the importance of moral/ethical/kindness teaching from kindergarten up to university level. On the subject men and women, he considered that we need to be more feminine in our attitudes and outlook. He mentioned that the source of problems with human beings (as he placed his hand in his heart) was negative emotions, and we need to look at inner values.

The DL spoke about the 7 billion people living on this planet, global responsibility, and ecological issues. People wish to live in happiness, and the importance of religious tolerance. He used an example of Jihad: which is meant to be the dealing of personal inner troubles/battles not about raging war upon others. The purpose of our life is to have a happy life! People need hope, but without hope it can shorten your life.

Even though he is a Buddhist, Asian and the Dalai Lama, he talked (and joked) that this was outer layers and what was important was what is within (underneath we are all the same/human being). He mentioned that 400 million (?) Chinese Buddhists and how they are receiving teachings from Tibetan Buddhism.

On the subject of mind and consciousness, he joked about English or scientific (?) language not being able to express this well, unlike Tibetan.  He talked about working with our mind and analysing what troubles us, mentioning that he meditates several hours a day and uses analytical meditation techniques. He was happy that so many people at Glasto were joyful. Then the DL openly questioned the crowd that if music was that powerful then wouldn’t they be continuously joyful (may have used the term enlightenment or similar)? Then admitted he wasn’t into music!

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