Why do I get stiff and achy?

Why do I get stiff and achy is a common question asked by clients. Like some how I have some magical ability to penetrate their body with super hero x-ray vision! But the reality is that our common aches, pains and stiffness develops over a period of time, for many different reasons. These can be congential, dietary, traumas and injuries, poor posture and physical habits, stress, lack of suitable exercise and so forth.

Take someone who is 40 years old. Stuck in shoes at a young age, go to school for 12+ years and made to slouch over table with a pen. Fell off a bike, fell out of a tree, cracked their collar bone in rugby, and just spent 20 years doing a repetitive job, stressed out, eating junk food, smoking and drinking, driving a car and not exercising. Not forgetting gravity, and wear and tear. As you can see, I haven’t painted a good picture. Trying to use basic cause and effect logic doesn’t work. Problems are often mixed up.

So what can we do? Well for a start, having several sessions of massage and bodywork can help to even out tension, improve muscle tone and posture, stimulate circulation and lymphatic drainage, and increase the range of movement in the joints. Then often clients find they have the energy and willpower to make the necessary changes such as a better quality diet, regular intelligent exercise like Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi & Qi Gong for increased health and vitality. Also don’t under estimate the mind, it’s a powerful vehicle. Find a life philosophy that floats your boat and gives love and meaning to your existence. And very importantly to breathe in and breathe out in a deep and relaxed fashion.

So don’t give into your aches and pains. There can always be room for improvement.


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